We began with our first climbing harnesses, bouldermats, expres slings and other equipment, which quickly gained wide popularity among climbers due to their quality, functionality and design. Acquaintance of "Red Flower" Ocún quickly crossed the Czech border. Since that time we have grown to include many other products in our production line, and our range of products continues to grow and we still seek to find the right balance of function, quality, innovation, and elegance in every product we make. 

Today Ocun has around 130 devoted employees who develop and produce our products still in the Czech Republic, a country with a long tradition of shoemaking and textiles. Since 2015 we are rebranding our Rock Pillars climbing shoes under the brand Ocún.  

We are proud to bring you new and innovative equipment which meets the highest quality standards, and which is constantly tested by our team and wide group of test climbers.  We hope you enjoy using our equipment as much as we do making it.


Pavel Hendrych, Founder of Rock Pillars and Ocún

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